Cocktails At Lockhart In Bishop Arts Just Got Better

by Steven Doyle

Kenneth Gonzaba is shaking things up at Lockhart Smokehouse which is located in the Bishop Arts District just across the bridge in Oak Cliff. While Will Fleischman is busy stoking the fires and knocking out some of the best ribs and brisket in North Texas, the demand for a great beer and an even better cocktail is high in demand.

Known as Kenny G to his regulars, he is keeping Lockhart competitive with the area which is known for cocktails and good food.  

“We are fashioning a new cocktail menu with six cocktails from traditional Manhattans to our watermelon mojito,” said Gonzaba.

Gonzaba recently added a cobra system behind the bar with four liquors on tap chilled to thirty degrees, including Avian Tequila, Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey, Absolut Citron and Enchanted Rock Vodka for the moment.  They have also feature  a tap beer system with six Texas beers chilled and on the ready.

“My favorite cocktail we are making right now is the Texas Peach. It is ginger syrup we make in house with fresh Texas peaches, Rebecca Creek Texas Whiskey, muddled with mint and more peaches. We float a bit of ginger syrup on top,  and it’s nice and refreshing. It’s kind of a julep,” said Gonzaba.

Gonzaba has been in the neigborhhod for a while, first working at Alley Oops Sports Bar, Beckley Brewhouse, Luckies Smokehouse and now managing at Lockhart for the past year. Check out one of the many new cocktails they will be rolling out at the BBQ Mecca in coming weeks.  Enjoy these cocktails with the smoky ribs, or if you are one of the fortunate, the rib jam.

Lockhart Smokehouse
400 W Davis, Oak Cliff


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  1. Rho

    I was lucky and got a taste! It was perfectly blended, no one flavor overpowered any others in the beverage. It was light, refreshing, not too sweet! I recommend!

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