Deep Ellum Brewing Company Celebrates First Anniversary: Win A Pair Of Tickets

by Steven Doyle

Deep Ellum Brewing Company turns 1 on November 11, 2012 and to celebrate they’re opening up the doors of the brewery to friends and family that have made the first year possible. DEBC will have live music on stage in our beer garden, and tapping some special beers they held back from this year (like Dreamcrusher, last year’s Darkest Hour, Wealth & Taste and more), and debuting their first anniversary beer: Pollenator.      

Join the crew of Deep Ellum Brewing Company Saturday November 17, 2012 from noon to 3pm for this historic event.

Beers available during our Anniversary Celebration:

Deep Ellum IPA
Dallas Blonde
Rye Pils
Dreamcrusher (2012 edition)
Darkest Hour (2011 edition)
Wealth & Taste (2012 edition)
Hop Seeker (2012 edition)
Farmhouse Wit (Bottles)
Firkins/Casks (to be revealed)
Pollenator (1st Anniversary beer)

Musical guests on the beer garden stage: Cody Foote and The O’s. Purchase tickets here.

To win one of two pair we have to give away, make a beer induced comment below. Extra points if you have Deep Ellum beer breath. Winner will be chosen at random Monday, November 12, 2012. Drink up.


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29 responses to “Deep Ellum Brewing Company Celebrates First Anniversary: Win A Pair Of Tickets

  1. Rho

    I would love to try the pollenator. Lemme take an antihistimine first…

  2. Andrew Hamilton

    These guys are HANDS DOWN our best local brewery… I always have Deep Ellum Beer Breath! ALWAYS!!!

  3. JJFoodie

    After talking with Drew and the crew @GABF, I’m REALLY excited to try the Pollenator!!!

  4. Beer buds unite!

  5. Daniela

    I love them, their Beertastic!

  6. Rebecca S

    Me me me me, randomly pick me!

  7. Alison Camp

    I love their double brown stout!!!

  8. Loved trying their beer at the Untapped Fest this year! It’s awesome 🙂

  9. Anne Marie

    When I was seventeen
    I drank some very good beer
    I drank some very good beer I purchased
    with a fake ID
    My name was Brian McGee
    I stayed up listening to Queen
    When I was seventeen

  10. Susan

    I want to seek hops at the darkest hour in Deep Ellum, of course!

  11. tom

    Please don’t CRUSH my DREAMS; it would be my DARKEST HOUR if I could not go to this event and be a man of WEALTH and TASTE.

    (I’m such a WIT, you guys.)

  12. Toad

    so who wants to pollinate me with that pollenator eh eh anybody……. nobody fine its going to be a firkin great time hahahahaha…….

  13. Jordan

    Best local brewery! Really excited about the Pollenator.

  14. BeernButter

    DEBC has the best thursday evenings! First time I went I thought there was going to be food and games, but it turns out Fish Fry Bingo has nothing to do with either of those! Great music, great fun, best beer!

  15. Rob

    Would love to try the Pollenator – Pick ME!

  16. Melissa S

    I’m a Dallas Blonde who is a Hop Seeker and a Dreamcrusher at the Darkest Hour! Would love to be a part of the festivities!

  17. Brian Nicholas

    Beer, Local Craft; it’s what’s “hoppening”!

  18. Kacey Wimpy

    Mmmm… Beer.

  19. Jeff

    Ahhh. Good stuff. (That’s a comment after a sip o’ beer…)

  20. Sina

    Having DEBC beer breath is sexy hotness! I <3 Beer!! 😉

  21. Joe

    Once upon a time. Deep Ellum, just get in my mouth. That’s how the world goes round.

  22. Larisa

    I want to have Deep Ellum Beer Breath this Saturday.

  23. Harley

    Pick me

  24. mattvstheworld

    I stalk Deep Ellum Brewing on Facebook to swipe all the beer when stocked.

  25. Jill

    Please randomly pick this random comment

  26. Chuck Norris

    I will trade one self defense lesson for these tickets. And trust me, you’ll only need one lesson.

  27. Hurley

    Pick me!

  28. We have winners. I wish it could be all of you, but mattvstheworld and Sina get the tickets. Congratulations and enjoy!

  29. Toad

    so did i win hahahaha i guess see yall there……

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