Win This: La Popular Tamale House

tamaleby Steven Doyle

La Popular Tamale House located in the Lakewood area and also in Shed 2 at the Dallas Farmers Market has long been praised on craveDFW as one of the best tamales in Dallas. The family owned business opened in 1984 and has been a valued part of the community since. The restaurant is operated by the father and son tag team Jesse Sr. and Jesse Jr. Moreno who both spend time making tamales and giving back to the community through their valued contributions to the city.      

The tamales made by the Moreno family are about as healthy as a tamale can get, as they never use lard and it is naturally gluten-free. Fresh fillings include pork, pork and jalapeno, beef and chicken, but La Popular also offers vegan tamales filled with beans or rajas. Early in the Fall they offered a pumpkin tamale which was amazing. They will also make tamales using your own meats such as elk and venison.


During the height of the tamale season the Moreno’s will work around the clock to make sure holiday orders are filled. This is when they do 90% of the year’s business. They are taking orders now for your holiday party of any size. You can call or order online.

Early in 2013 Jess Jr. will open his first full on restaurant which will be located at Peak and Elm, curiously named Peak and Elm. The menu will feature a small handful of small and large plates mostly comprised of Mex Mex cuisine.


Today the Moreno family is offering a special gift to you and your friends. One lucky reader will enjoy a tamale party for 25 people set up with all the accouterments including rice and beans. They will also loan out their custom tamale cart for the party.

Be one of the commenters below to offer us a tamale-centric line or two and we will add your name to the list of potential winners that we will select at random on Monday, December 10, 2012.  Extra entry for extra clever responses. Good luck!

La Popular Tamale House
5004 Columbia Ave.


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37 responses to “Win This: La Popular Tamale House

  1. Tony

    What a great gift! I can’t wait.

  2. David Indorf

    Saturday’s forecast:

    Chili today; hot tamale!

  3. Tony

    I actually never tried these tamales but did read about the various locations of tamales being made and sold and this one was one of the top suppliers. I would love to check them out and I will soon.

  4. David S

    love tamales, especially around Christmas, can’t wait to try this place!

  5. Going by this Texas weather, it’s chili today and hot tamale.

  6. Jack Rowland

    One expects shredded beef, chicken and pork, and the vegan option is certainly thinking outside the husk! But has consideration and experimentation been given to cheese (including sweetened cream), fruit or even pie-type fillings?

  7. I don’t deck my halls with boughs of holly –
    I’d prefer my holidays with overrun with tamale!
    Unwrapping each one makes my heart quicken…
    Will it be full of beef, pork, or chicken?

  8. I love tamales! Impressive that the Morenos’ tamales are fresh and even healthful. Thanks for the giveaway! And for an extra entry, here’s a joke about tamales:

    A dog and a pig were bragging about how well their respective masters treated them. The dog said, “I have it made! My master gives me a nice house to live in, feeds me every day, gives me fresh water and takes me on walks.” The pig boasts, “Well, my master feeds me constantly and gives me fresh water too. Why, I even heard him tell his wife the other day that he is going to make me tamales for Christmas!”

    Poor pig. 🙂

  9. Nic

    Cool. Just what I need.

  10. Greg

    If I win I will invite the cocktail contest winners for an awesome party.

  11. Sina

    Steven Doyle is one HOT Tamale!

  12. Tamale Lover

    After hunting rabbits- Hare today, gone tamale

  13. Francis

    Please let me win. I love tamales.

  14. Chris D

    You like potato and I like potahto,
    You like tamale and I like tomalley
    Potato, potahto, tamale, tomalley!
    Let’s call the whole thing off!

  15. Mary Carunchia

    I live in the neighborhood and often walk up to get tamales or their excellent breakfast tacos. I’m really looking forward to trying out the new place next year.

  16. Susan

    Tell Molly to get her own mole tamale.

  17. Tamale, or not Tamale: that is the question.

    A Tamale by any other name than La Popular would not taste as sweet…

    President Gerald Ford likes La Popular Tamales so much, he eats them with the husks on!

    Feliz Navidad

  18. acrow

    I eat their Tamale’s every time I’m at the farmers’ market. The sweet potato tamale is fantastic.

  19. Tamales are like Molly, hot and jolly
    Chili is like Willi, spicy and bold.

  20. Sarah

    Tis the season that is filled with glee
    Let’s have a Tamale party
    With rice and beans and lots of chips
    La Popular will have us doing flips
    A margarita machine would also be nice
    I’ll make sure we have the ice
    If we win, you are welcome to come
    No leftovers though, not even a crumb

  21. bob irwin

    Molly from Somali really likes my tamale……thats the best I can do

  22. amy

    Tamales are awesome!

  23. Brenda

    Awesome pumpkin tamales – this would be a fun party to win from La Popular Tamale!

  24. Romero

    Great tamales, great guys.

  25. Twinkle L.

    The snarly Svengali from Bali likes La Popular tamales as a dinner finale.

  26. Jesse is a friend,
    Yeah I know he’s been a good friend of mine
    But lately something’s changed
    It ain’t hard to define
    Jessie’s got tamales
    And I want to make them mine.

  27. Raquel

    No joke, funny story etc.
    I’d just like to enter to win the drawing 🙂
    Can’t have Christmas without tamales. Good luck everyone.

  28. Alvaro Garza

    I think I may a shot.. The Tamale Gods never disappoint.

  29. Missy Ebeling

    With a Tamale you always have something to unwrap at Christmas. – Great comfort food.

  30. Ronda

    We love tamales!!

  31. Angela Krieger

    mmmm….tamales! Just educated a co-worker who said he wasn’t a fan of tamales. Nobody told him not to eat the husk!

  32. Congratulations Missy Ebeling. We have emailed you instructions on how to claim your prize. happy holidays!

  33. Renee

    A dream come true
    Tamale heaven …

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