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Win This: La Popular Tamale House

tamaleby Steven Doyle

La Popular Tamale House located in the Lakewood area and also in Shed 2 at the Dallas Farmers Market has long been praised on craveDFW as one of the best tamales in Dallas. The family owned business opened in 1984 and has been a valued part of the community since. The restaurant is operated by the father and son tag team Jesse Sr. and Jesse Jr. Moreno who both spend time making tamales and giving back to the community through their valued contributions to the city.      

The tamales made by the Moreno family are about as healthy as a tamale can get, as they never use lard and it is naturally gluten-free. Fresh fillings include pork, pork and jalapeno, beef and chicken, but La Popular also offers vegan tamales filled with beans or rajas. Early in the Fall they offered a pumpkin tamale which was amazing. They will also make tamales using your own meats such as elk and venison.

During the height of the tamale season the Moreno’s will work around the clock to make sure holiday orders are filled. This is when they do 90% of the year’s business. They are taking orders now for your holiday party of any size. You can call or order online.

Early in 2013 Jess Jr. will open his first full on restaurant which will be located at Peak and Elm, curiously named Peak and Elm. The menu will feature a small handful of small and large plates mostly comprised of Mex Mex cuisine.

Today the Moreno family is offering a special gift to you and your friends. One lucky reader will enjoy a tamale party for 25 people set up with all the accouterments including rice and beans. They will also loan out their custom tamale cart for the party.

Be one of the commenters below to offer us a tamale-centric line or two and we will add your name to the list of potential winners that we will select at random on Monday, December 10, 2012.  Extra entry for extra clever responses. Good luck!

La Popular Tamale House
5004 Columbia Ave.

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