Hypnotic Donuts Invites Cheese-Beer Maven To Create A Special Chicken Biscuit

DSC04799by Steven Doyle

Ali Kay Hammer is back on our radar again, this time the Scardello cheese monger is getting her biscuit on at Hypnotic Donuts on Garland Road in East Dallas. If you recall, just a week ago Ali was rocking the Peticolas house during their first anniversary with her wedding to the beer Velvet Hammer.

Beginning tomorrow and at least through the end of the month of January, you can experience what it is like in Ali’s mouth by ordering her version of the chicken biscuit. This is an ongoing program at Hypnotic and there have been more than a few fun versions of the chef driven biscuit since owner James St. Peter decided to invite chefs to play in his wacky kitchen once a month. Last month we all enjoyed The Grape owner Brian Luscher’s homemade sausages in a bun, this month we see what Ali has to offer.    



Mrs. Hammer invited us along to watch the biscuit being created, and she arrived at Hypnotic yesterday just as they were closing for the morning with an armload of fun ingredients. Her biscuit will be made with, wait for it, Velvet Hammer. So Ali showed up with three growlers full of her favorite brew. It was quickly estimated that on a busy Saturday morning they would need six growlers to fulfill the demand for the $10 chicken biscuit.

Along with a fantastic beer biscuit there is a giant fried slab of chicken that is extremely moist and tender. On top of the chicken Ali has provided a sheep’s milk gouda called Ewephoria from Holland, several layers of Dude, Sweet Chocolate Katherine Clapner’s Tub of Love, and homemade bacon from Restaurant Ava’s Randall Copeland.



Tub of Love is the Dude, Sweet kicked up version of gianduja, or Nutella by any other name. This is a smooth chocolate and hazelnut spread. While we had the ingredients laid out we did a side-by-side taste test between Dude, Sweet’s version and Nutella. If there is any doubt, Clapner won hands down. The Nutella actually had a synthetic flavor and plastic mouth-feel when compared, something I personally never noticed until the real deal was introduced.

When the biscuit was finally compiled St Peter quartered the breakfast sandwich for us to taste. The flavors actually work extremely well, almost symphonic. What’s not to love about chicken, cheese, beer, chocolate and bacon?


Be the very first to grab this special biscuit starting Wednesday, January 9, 2013 at Hypnotic which is located at 9007 Garland Road. Call St Peter to ensure availability of this limited run chicken biscuit at 214.668.6999.

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