Sea Breeze Has A Plethora Of Crabs (Videos)

dungenessby Steven Doyle

Crabbing season is upon us and there are plenty of tasty options available. We checked out the catch at Sea Breeze Fish Market and Grill to see what they were offering, and we happily found an abundance of king, snow, dungeness, stone and even soft shell crabs. The crabs at Sea Breeze can be purchased and taken home to cook, or you can allow the guys at the restaurant to prepare your favorite crab dish.

Stone crabs are perfect in that they are ready to eat with very little effort. The meat is dense and flavorful, and even the most skiddish are able to pop out the rich flesh. Soft shells are perfect to fry up and use in a sandwich, taco or just by themselves. King crab and dungeness require a bit of work, but the effort is well worth huge rewards. Dungeness are the meatiest, but require special care up front. We have a few videos for you today that shows how to prepare, and also eat the dungeness crabs.   

First we will watch Rick Orech as he cleans the crab and prepares to steam.

Now if you had any questions as how to actually eat the crab, this video shows you how the easy way.

Sea Breeze is located at 4017 Preston Rd in Plano. Call them at  (972) 473-2722.


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  1. While the crabs are good at Sea Breeze, do not leave without trying their lobster roll, one of the best.

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