4th Annual Deep Ellum Brewing Co Brew-B-Q Beat Off Thirst

DSC02111by Steven Doyle

This weekend marked the 4th Annual Brew-B-Q event at Deep Ellum Brewing Company which featured a total take over of the brewery with crowds filing throughout the compound. Even with a pending downpour, fans of the Dallas brewery came out in record numbers to sample many of their seasonal favorites including the powerful 8.7% double IPA Dreamcrusher, and the Zwickel Tickle, a blonde lager.   


There was plenty of BBQ, which was curiously catered by Whole Foods in Lakewood.  Whole Foods did an adequate job of fantastic job of providing sustenance to the hungry crowd, even though their brisket is more akin to thinly sliced roast beef. Where the BBQ lacked, however, the beer more than pleased the thirsty crowd. We were particularly delighted with the many taps found in and around the compound, leaving revelers with very little wait time to select one of their favorite Deep Ellum brews.

We enjoyed the selection of music provided by The O’s and Sugarfoote & Co., and overall the annual event was the best on the books.

DSC02083Cody Foote jamming

banditoNeato Bandito is a 6.6% Czech-Inspired Mexican – Style Lager. A pilsner base with a touch of Munich Ten Malt and a “heaping’ helping” of corn.

DSC02114Zwickel Tickle is a thirst quenching bubbly lager



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