Pie and Beer Makes for a Perfect Sunday Funday

luck1by Steven Doyle

LUCK in Trinity Groves never shied away from anything non-conventional. Think about their unusual doughnut-beer pairings that they perform on a regfular basis.  We do love beer, and of course those warm and wonderful doughnuts from Glazed in Deep Ellum make our eyes roll to the back of our head.  

But how are you with pie and beer? Beer purists might scoff, but wait. Most of the pies they propose to pair are made with meats. Meats like beef, chicken and bacon. Then there’s that strawberry tart which they propose will go well with a chocolate stout.


Yes, I fear we will all need to take part in this fun beer pairing which takes place October 16th in their Trinity Groves digs. The times for the pairings are on the top of the hour, 11am, 1pm or 3pm. Guessing the pairings take a few hours to enjoy.

Remember, LUCK is the same place where you can score any beer for five bucks regardless of its tenacity. And LUCK is this beautiful acronym for Local Urban Craft Kitchen.

Here are the details:

Serving up British Pies from Chef Tina Miller and The Proper Baking Co paired w/ local North Texas beers including:

* Steak and Ale w/ Noble Rey Brewing Company Off the Leash Red Ale
* Beef, Onion & Potato w/ Wild Acre Brewing Company Soul Pleasure Stout
*Chicken and Bacon w/ REVOLVER BREWING Blood & Honey
* Strawberry Almond Tart w/ Shannon Brewing Company Chocolate Stout

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