State Fair Fry King Abel Gonzales Opening Brick and Mortar Restaurant

abel1by Steven Doyle

It’s an exciting day in the Dallas food world as we receive word from chef Abel Gonzales, the five time Texas State Fair Big Tex Award winner, about the good news of his restaurant opening. Look for Republic Ranch to open this Spring. The theme will be a continuation of his Texican theme. Think smoked BBQ meets Mexican.

Republic Ranch will be located at 3121 Ross Avenue next to the newly opened tiki bar, Pilinkas. 


“It’s an enormous space with outdoor seating, free parking, and a huge indoor dining room. There will be a game room, and a market area for local food products,” Gonzales told us this afternoon.

There is a pool located on the property  but there won’t be any swimming allowed. Consider the pool a fountain of sorts.

The cuisine will include smoked pulled salsa verde tacos, and open-faced slice brisket enchiladas for sure. The chef is still playing with the menu, but if you follow Gonzales at all you know his affinity for smoked meats. He makes an incredible smoked brisket tamale.

When pressed for a fried food entree Gonzales said he actually has not thought of anything yet, but we can be sure to see something from his imagination that is crispy and deep fried.

“This type of food has been in my head for a long time and I’m full force in the kitchen creating, but also on the floor helping with the space design. I picked up the movie Giant for motivation and it has been playing in the background for weeks now. My play list has been Hank, Willie, and Pedro Enfante. These are menu inspirations,” Gonzales added.

Gonzales is looking for a look and feel that is playful. Old meets new. And if you have met Gonzales this fits his personality perfectly.


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