The Artist of Dallas Fish Market

Photo one Chefby Joey Stewart        photos by Joey Stewart

We visited Dallas Fish Market recently while producing a few reports about the Dallas seafood scene for the Lenten season. The ten-year-old DRG Concepts restaurant located in downtown has always been a spot that you could count on for high quality seafood and a great menu. I had my first bite of sturgeon there when it first opened and have returned numerous times, although not recently.

As we enjoyed our meal we noticed how beautifully crafted and designed each plate was. “Food as art” can be tricky, though. A pretty plate doesn’t always ensure the flavors won’t fall flat.  

Photo two - AmuseAmuse – “Linguini and Clams” – Cucumber linguini, chopped clams, flower petals

But that certainly isn’t the case here because Executive Chef Richard Triptow succeeds on both fronts. Taking the helm just eight months ago, Triptow has brought with him his experience as a chef and his training as an artist.

A graduate of the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, he focuses on painting portraits and landscapes in oil, pastel and charcoal. Recently he had the honor of painting memorial portraits for fallen officers of the Dallas Police Department, and many are on exhibit at the Dallas Police Academy.

His culinary experience had him working under three chefs at The Mansion: Dean Fearing, John Tesar, and Bruno Davaillon. “The kitchen under Fearing was a very competitive environment, and most of what I learned about seafood came from Tesar. He took me under his wing and really taught me the styles and techniques that I still use today. Bruno definitely passed along his French influence to me.”

Photo three - ScallopsScallops with Cauliflower three ways – Roast Cauliflower discs, Raw Cauliflower salad, Creamy Cauliflower brown butter puree, lemon, pine nuts, dried grapes

“I like creating exotic and sensual plates, using French techniques and Asian flair. I also enjoy playing with hot and cold, flowers and fruits, negative space, different textures, and bringing my experience as an artist to the plate. I want eating to be an adventure with surprises, yet comfortable.”

The Dallas Fish Market has received acclaim and multiple awards since its opening in 2007, and Chef Triptow is ensuring that level of quality remains while continuing to evolve. “I’m taking a trip to Japan next month and I’m stoked to see what ideas I can bring back to Dallas.”

We are stoked too.

photo four Mussels 1Mussels with red curry, thai basil, fresno peppers, seaweed butter grilled bread

photo five DesertSavory beet ice-cream with beets, pistachio chocolate crumble, citrus butter cream, fresh herbs, marigolds

photo six SouffleMolten Chocolate Souffle with vanilla crema glaze  

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