We Reveal All The Chocolate Secrets

by Steven Doyle

On any given day when driving past the boutiques lining Oak Lawn in Dallas you will spot plenty of activity. There you will discover hot finds on wine or cheese, or possibly even chocolate. This past Sunday we began the edible bucket list for 2012 and made a stop into Chocolate Secrets.

The chocolate shop has somewhat of an identity crisis. It wants to be this cool wine bar that serves up healthy slices of jazz most evenings. Chocolate Secrets also offers some of the best and certainly beautiful chocolate in Dallas.

Then we have the Artisan Ice Cream Bar with daily selections of all natural and organic creams and sorbets, some created especially for the adults.

While adults enjoy Champagne Sorbet Floats or the flaming Tipsy Banana Split, the munchkins can take their time happily sampling their favorite flavors of ice cream. And we mean happily. On this particular visit we were served by Tony Weninger who is not only staff but also part of the Chocolate Secret family. His candied enthusiasm borders on Gene Wilder maddening, and it is a welcome attitude that makes you smile and want to order more.

We sampled several flavors including the Mango Bourbon and the most intense pistachio ice cream. After slurping up our bowls of cream we sauntered to the chocolate case where kids are allowed to select any piece for free.

There is also the wine room we mentioned earlier with a vast selection of nice wines and entertainment most evenings making this a perfect place for a romantic get-a-way.

Chocolate Secrets
3926 Oak Lawn, Dallas
(214) 252-9803

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