Dallas Fish Market Hosts Oysters and Martinis Dinner February 22nd (Contest)

image004by Steven Doyle

It’s no secret that we are fans of Dallas Fish Market and chef Richard Triptow. He is a master in the kitchen and hios dishes are pure art. His culinary experience had him working under three chefs at The Mansion: Dean Fearing, John Tesar, and Bruno Davaillon. “The kitchen under Fearing was a very competitive environment, and most of what I learned about seafood came from Tesar. He took me under his wing and really taught me the styles and techniques that I still use today. Bruno definitely passed along his French influence to me,” Triptow told us.

The good chef likes to keep things interesting in his kitchen and bounces back between Dallas Fish Market and Dallas Chop House, both located on Main Street in downtown Dallas.

Look for this beautiful upcoming event that is all about the oysters and martinis. You may win two seats to this special evening by making comments below. Tag and share this story your friends on Facebook with #CraveDFWOysters and have a double chance at winning!  Winner chosen Friday, February 9th at random.

Check out the menu. Cost is $60 per person and reservations are required. This beautiful dinner is Thursday, February 22, 2018 from 6:30  – 8:30pm.


Oysters & Martinis at Dallas Fish Market

Chef Triptow’s menu for the event features delightful and diverse oyster courses, paired with unique martinis.


Oyster Mojito / rum – mint gelée, lime marmalade

First Course

Oyster Nori Roll / smoked oysters, jalapeño, cucumber, spicy mayo

Second Course

Oyster Chowder / rich New England-style with home-baked crackers

Third Course

Oyster Fried Rice / vegetable and egg, Conway fried oyster

Fourth Course

Olde Salts / Hot & cold, truffle oyster stew, Minus 8 mignonette, paddlefish caviar

Dessert Course

Petite Apple Pie / vanilla ice cream



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