Eat Me: TJ’s Yacht Club Burger

tj3by Steven Doyle

Do you feel the Earth rumbling just a tad? It could be that the annual craveDFW burger list is making its way to you very soon. The journey is long and arduous, filled with Kraft slices and pre-formed burger patties that have long expired in the depths of their freezer banks. But then there are the gems, the holy grail of burgers. Not many, maybe a dozen in toto found around our fair city. These are the burgers we hold dear, and we love to share with you month in and out. And we plan not just one list but two. One for chef driven restaurant burgers, and the other will be filled with burger only restaurants. Fun!

One of the burgers that will make the grade this year is found at a seafood restaurant, oddly enough. TJ’s Seafood Market is no stranger to the pages of Crave and for an excellent reason. Their attention to excellence has not gone unnoticed.

The burger is insane and unlike one you will find in Dallas. I call it surf and turf, they call the burger The Yacht Club. And I almost want to wear my yachting gear when I order one. But I do not own yachting gear, nor do I even know if there is such an outfit called yachting gear, but what I do know is that this burger is amazing.

tj1Key Lime so dreamy you will want to take it to the prom

Look for a hand-formed brisket short rib patty, Whistlepig maple bacon, white cheddar, onion jam, a housemade pickle and more fixings. For a few extra shekels you may add a smattering of very large grilled shrimp to complete the burger. Thurston Howell would approve. The patty is juiced and tastes of fresh grilled meat, as it should. The bun is exciting and does a decent enough job of holding the ingredients together. A Herculean task. The added shrimp smack of the grill and are crisp and taste of a sweet salted breeze coming off the Cape. All this and served with a side of freshly cooked Old Bay seasoned chips.

This burger from a restaurant that serves our favorite lobster roll. Kiss your plate when finished and order the Key Lime Pie.

A return visit for the beautiful cocktail program is needed.

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