Oishii In Dallas For Lunch Today

by Steven Doyle

There are certain surprises that we stumble across each day, if we are so lucky. Today was one of those days. I had a rare lunch with a really sweet friend and she chose Oishii on Wycliff in Dallas that is located in the shopping center between the Tollway and Maple.  I enjoy my trips to this restaurant, as the menu is vast enough to keep me excited.

We sat at the sushi bar this afternoon catching up on the latest news of the day and she was thumbing through the sushi and sashimi choices. I was looking through the menu fast and furious as I had something particular on my mind for lunch. It was at that moment we both looked up from our menus and said nearly simultaneously — soft shell crab. She said they had the best in town, and I just happened to have a hankering for crab (per usual).   

We ordered that first since the dish takes a bit of time to prepare. But as soon as we had placed our order for the rest of our lunch the crab arrived and I received my surprise I mentioned earlier. This was a beautiful plate to behold in all of its crabiness.

It was a whole crab dissected and fried, resting on a mound of salad greens and spicy hot chiles. The same incredi-hot chiles you get when you order Kung Pao Chicken. You know the type. The dish is very large and meant to be shared.  I am sure someone could eat the entire plate, but neither one of us attempted that feat.

The rest of our luncheon was equally as wonderful with several sashimi items and a roll coming forth for our approval.  Another special highlight of the day was the scallop sashimi. Sweet and earthy, the scallops made their way off the late quickly.

If it has been a while since you have stopped in at Oishii, you need to make a pit-stop. They also feature other items like Chinese dishes. It is one of those something-for-everyone places that excels.


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  1. Cześć 🙂 Ciekawą masz stronę Często tu powracam bo jestem pewny , że będzie intersesująca notka. Chyba mamy podobne podejście do życia bo czytając wpisy czuje podobnie. 3maj sie

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