Crawfish Coming at you for Christmas

‘Tis the season for giving, and the crustacean gods have given Shell Shack—and, by extension, you—an early gift this year. Crawfish has already hit Shell Shack restaurants and all stores are stocked and ready to serve. This is about a month early, as crawfish typically doesn’t become available until January, so let’s count our blessings.

Shell Shack’s crawfish will be priced at an affordable $11.99 per pound and can be incorporated into the restaurant’s famous Seafood Boils, which are infused with delicious seasonings, spiced to your preferred heat level and joined by your choice of sausages, potatoes and corn. Or get a plate of crawfish and pair it with a side, like rice, fries, hushpuppies and salads. You can’t go wrong. But to go right, you must first stop into your nearest Shell Shack location.

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