The Buzz About Bee Kings

We recently received a message from a local beekeeper, Chris Miller, who owns Bee Kings and offers his unique honey at the Dallas Farmers Market.

Chris was excited to share a story of a particular honey that he will be offering tomorrow at the Dallas Farmer’s Market and only he can describe it so well. “Something we tried recently really surprised and delighted us. We broke open some watermelons for the honeybees to forage on during the dearth (dry spell for nectar flow) and WOW… those bees went to town on the sweet watermelon juice. In the end, we were blown away by the honey they produced; bright red… and tasted like a jolly rancher made of honey. Those crazy bees wowed our socks off us”. 

Meadowfoam smells like vanilla and tastes like marshmallows

The excitement of the beekeeper intrigued us and to be sure we will be out in force to sample and BUY this honey, as should you.

Chris went on to say, “We are equally passionate about nurturing our local bee population and fostering sustainable practices. As avid beekeepers and advocates for a thriving environment, we believe in the importance of supporting our buzzing friends who play an integral role in our ecosystem. One of the obvious ways to support local bees is to buy their honey… so we’ve been growing our company by trying new things with honey to make it more accessible to more people”.

We have always had a special place in our hearts (and bellies) for beekeepers.

“Our cinnamon-infused honey is off the charts amazing as are our other flavored honey as well.”

Join us tomorrow at the Farmer’s Market for Watermelon Days and be sure to look up Chris Miller with Bee Kings. Bees are so important to our survival not only with their honey but their role in pollination of the planet.

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