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The Inspiration Behind Spaulding’s Specialty Spices

hothoneyby Steven Doyle

Growing up with a passion for food via television cooks such as Jacques Pepin and Martin Yan, James Spaulding has followed this dream to form Spaulding’s Specialty Spices. Cultivating his own organic raised bed heirloom garden, Spaulding founded his Dallas condiment business in 2013. This is where you will find his kicked up creations such as his blends of dry meat ande vegetable rubs, flavored salts, teas and spices.

Recently we noticed Spaulding’s Hot Italian Honey which absolutely fascinated us. y. Uses are great on meats, cheeses, BBQ, ribs, chicken, charcuterie, biscuits, ice cream, veggies, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and more. It really takes Pizza to the next level.We asked the spice maker what his inspiration was for this product which is a mix of Italian chiles, vinegar, and local honey.  Continue reading

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How The Texas Honeybee Guild Buzzed My Back Yard

2014_BEEsby Paula Mele Weatherbie

Sometime around mid morning on Good Friday while gazing out the window, we noticed what looked like a big brown shoe high up in one of our trees. Upon closer examination, we realized a swarm of bees had taken up residence in our yard, hanging in a large cluster about 15 feet up in a cherry laurel. Eeeek! So I called Brandon Pollard, noted urban bee-wrangler with the Texas Honeybee Guild and the beekeeper of scores of hives including those at Trinity River Audubon Center. You might remember Brandon’s name from his personal war against the mosquito spraying in Dallas for the West Nile Virus. The spraying cost thousands of bees their lives as the chemicals got into the hives, seeping through their screen-bottomed boards. Brandon and his wife, Susan, are devout bee lovers and have made preserving what they call “fragile natural resources” their way of life.    Continue reading


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