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First Look: MAX’s Wine Dive

by Steven Doyle

MAX’s Wine Dive makes its debut today with doors opening promptly at 4pm. This is the legendary restaurant that is known for their Kobe beef hot dog, fried chicken and Dom Perignon by the glass. It’s the bad boy of the neighborhood, inspired by the best dive bars in Texas, but with a wicked twist.  We checked out the restaurant last night during one of the preview events, and certainly were not disappointed.

The atmosphere is fairly typical with few exceptions. The restaurant features a large kitchen that is as wide as the bar and very open so you can view the action as your Veal Sweet Bread Pot Pie or Chicken Fried Brussel Sprouts are being concocted by chef Patrick Russell, formerly of Craft Dallas. Both of those dishes are crazy good. What is unexpected are the walls stuffed high and wide with glassware and bottles upon bottles of wine. It is interesting to note that chef Russell served us our last meal at Craft and our first at MAX’s. Continue reading


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California Foie Ban Set For July 1

by Steven Doyle

Foie gras has been produced since the early Egyptians discovered how savory the liver becomes when a goose is overfed. Since those early times foie has been elevated to another level, but not without a certain level of controversy. A California law enacted in 2004 which becomes effective July 1, 2012, prohibits the “force feeding of a bird for the purpose of enlarging the bird’s liver beyond normal size” as well as the sale of products that are a result of this process.

This isn’t the first such ban on foie in the United States. In April of 2006 a city-wide ban on foie was enacted in Chicago the prohibited the sale and leveed fines up to $500. A great level of civil disobedience broke out in the city not too unlike Prohibition when booze flowed freely in the meaty city. During the time of the ban in Chicago it was reported that 46,000 pounds of foie was sold and the ban was eventually ruled “silly” by Mayor Richard Daley and was overturned.    Continue reading


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