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Shuttered: Sfuzzi Dallas and Le Taco

tacoby Steven Doyle

Sfuzzi in Uptown and Le Taco are both closed.

Sfuzzi seemed to have a difficult time reinventing itself and blew through a handful of chefs quickly, including Avner Samuels. Le Taco, which was once Scotch and Sausage, also had an identity crisis. Oddly enough  Scotch and Sausage was a fantastic concept and put out a great product, as did Le Taco.  No doubt it was a matter of finding its audience that took down the taco restaurant.  Continue reading

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Musical Chairs Chef Avner Samuel Now At Sfuzzi

sfuzziby Andrew Chalk

Naan Sushi on Cedar Springs Road in Uptown has closed and the huge, sprawling, multi-roomed space is now Sfuzzi relived. There are two main dining rooms, several small private dining rooms off the main space, and a dark and booming bar in the back. This branch replaces the McKinney Avenue location closed just over a year ago. The executive chef is a little known newcomer to the Dallas dining scene, a Mr. Avner Samuel. I also spotted the talented Vincenzo Pappano in the kitchen.   Continue reading

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McKinney Ave Sfuzzi Closes Tomorrow

IMG_4749by Steven Doyle

With the new year we will be seeing plenty of new dining options and watering holes spring up, and that is nothing but pure excitement for those of us at craveDFW. But with the good news also comes closures. Yesterday we were sent word that Sfuzzi would be shuttering January 1, 2014 with a hint of a possible return in the very near future. This all amid the discussion of bankruptcy centering around one of the principles, Robert Colombo and parent company, La Reve Consultants. Most of the discussion was hazed with inaccuracies, but what stood out as fact is that Sfuzzi’s last stand is tonight.

What I will personally miss most  is the bacon and egg pizza pictured above.    Continue reading

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Kenny Checks Out Sfuzzi In Las Colinas

IMG_1072by Ken Kucwaj

The big surprise in Las Colinas is the major revamp of the menu from the original Sfuzzi in Uptown. Brad Woy, Carey Edmund and the rest of the team have done a bang up job in creating a concise menu that makes you want to try every dish.

First of all the restaurant is huge.  Over 10,000 square feet huge. It is well laid out, with a beautifully appointed main dining room, killer bar, private rooms for corporate events and some really nice patios. It’s all first class

Growing up in New York and eating the best Italian food in the world (sorry Boston and Philly) I have had a tough time, a really tough time, finding an Italian place I want to go back to.   Continue reading

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