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Bandito’s Opens New Locaton With A Twist

by Steven Doyle

Another familiar name has moved to Plano very near Nosh Euro Bistro’s second location. Bandito’s Tex Mex, who is owned by the same folks who operate the Katy Trail Ice house have opened an amalgam of the two restaurants and called it Bandito’s Tex Mex Ice House and it is located at 4700 W Park Blvd.   Continue reading

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Balance (More Adventures of a New Texan)

by Jayne M. Chobot

I have gained ten pounds, give or take, since moving to Dallas in November. This has several causing factors, including a 20-fold increase (at least) of my annual consumption of Tex-Mex cuisine, a decrease in the necessity for running for a train in 3-inch heels several times a day, a Texas-sized refrigerator right upstairs from my work-at-home office, and an overall lessening of hourly stress (like trying to dodge tourists around Rockefeller Center). Thankfully, as my Texan so eloquently puts it, the weight “is in all the right places,” supposedly. Still, when you’re used to feeling lighter on your feet, the extra pounds can inspire you to make a few changes.

The last time I was in a gym was 2004. But in my ongoing quest to relax and get both my body and mind healthier now that I’ve left the big bad big apple, I decided to take a mere two block stroll from my new house and try yoga for the first time in my life. I always had real excuses not to try yoga before: no time, no money, the logistics of getting to a studio using public transportation, too much work to do, and a simple lack of necessity in my logical mind. But like everything else in relation to my move down here, the obstacles all moved aside in one cohesive sweep and a path was cleared for my next step in my journey of new Texan self-discovery.          Continue reading


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