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When is it Safe to Consume Oysters?

You may have heard the legend that good oysters are available only during months that contain an “r” in their name and that those months constitute oyster season. The rule dates back to the days before refrigeration when oysters could spoil quickly. These days, you can enjoy oysters throughout the year, but it is still important to know in which months oysters are in season and where you can get the tastiest oysters that won’t leave you feeling ill.

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Beau Nash For A Lovely Repast

beau1.jpegby Steven Doyle

For me Beau Nash in the late 80’s was a siren song, a sultry tune tapped out on a grand piano. The cavernous room with hideaways and a bar that left no secret untold. A perfect perch to gaze on the beautifuls that ran rampant in Dallas. The stories are best kept secret, although there is no shame. It was a time of caviar and champagne, celebrated to full contempt in a cherished manner.  Continue reading

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The Dandy of Dallas Beau Nash Returns



As part of the ongoing multi-million dollar renovation, Hotel Crescent Court celebrates the opening of Beau Nash, a swanky new champagne bar and cocktail lounge, centrally located on the lobby level of the Uptown icon. Designed to reanimate remnants of its namesake restaurant, Beau Nash is set to be the place to see and be seen, where the energized and inviting atmosphere is enlivened by music, the buzz of conversation and the clinking of glasses in toasts until midnight, seven days a week.

 “Hotel Crescent Court has an established history and reputation for creating novel, yet unique experiences for our guests,” said Andrew Davidson, general manager of Hotel Crescent Court. “We’re pleased to revive the vision and spirit of Beau Nash, a true Dallas staple, and we’re proud to welcome guests, members and locals alike to the centerpiece of The Crescent.”  Continue reading

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