Beau Nash For A Lovely Repast

beau1.jpegby Steven Doyle

For me Beau Nash in the late 80’s was a siren song, a sultry tune tapped out on a grand piano. The cavernous room with hideaways and a bar that left no secret untold. A perfect perch to gaze on the beautifuls that ran rampant in Dallas. The stories are best kept secret, although there is no shame. It was a time of caviar and champagne, celebrated to full contempt in a cherished manner. 

The era passed and so did the doors of Beau Nash, aptly named for a British dandy and toast of the spa town Bath in the 1700’s, Beau Nash eventually shuttered to make way for swanky sushi at Nobu in 2004.

Today Beau Nash has reared his lovely head in the digs of the Hotel Crescent Court lobby, just a tiptoe from Nobu. Today you will enjoy 35 sparklers, a vast array of fantastic whiskeys and bourbons, a smattering of vodkas and so much more The cocktail is taken to new heights and revered as it did in the 80’s.


The menu is now more sleek, so look for truffled caviar eggs, an assortment of oysters, jumbo lump crab cakes and chicken fried quail to name a few starters, and we do love name dropping.

Also enjoy heartier dishes such as a penne pomodoro, smoked short rib tostadas, and a gorgeous Cobb salad. The burger rivals the very best, and we adored the turkey club.

Beau Nash is now for lingering, lunches, long happy hours and love. You will love the pretty new Beau Nash.

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