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Sky Canyon at DFW Airport Open For Business

sky canyonby Steven Doyle

Stephan Pyles expands his empire by adding Sky Canyon to his growing list of restaurants. Located in Terminal D at DFW Airport, Sky Canyon seems to take elements from all the Pyles concepts including fried chicken from Stampede 66, and plenty from Samar which is currently under a major renovation.

The new restaurant is a collaboration between Pyles and Gina Puente. Puente openedLa Bodega,  the first winery to be located in an airport, and opened Frullati Café and Bakery in 1996. Puente also introduced Nrgize Smoothies, Cereality (a breakfast cereal bar), UFood Grill and Urban Taco at its airport locations in 2008. In late 2009 Puente opened UFood Grill and Urban Taco restaurants at Parkland Memorial Hospital.    Continue reading


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A Visit To The American Express Centurion Lounge

DSC09288--finishedby Jarrod Fresquez

Most people dread going to the airport. Travelers view the long lines, TSA pat downs, delayed flights resulting in longer than desired lay overs, and rude transients as necessary evils in order to get to their destination. Enter American Express’ Centurion Lounge located right here in Terminal D of DFW Airport. I travel a significant amount for my business as a financial advisor, and even after having experienced every admiral’s club and first-class lounge from coast to coast, they all pale in comparison to the luxurious amenities provided by American Express.   Continue reading


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Meet The Deal Changing Cool River 50/50 Burger

DSC09157by Steven Doyle

One of my favorite chefs in Dallas is Rodman Shields at Cool River Café. The chef has a fantastic time in the kitchen, and every time he does something that he knows I will get all giddy about, he gives me a shout out. He had me once with his dedicated duck fat fryer that made the most ethereal frites I have ever sampled. Earlier this week he called to tell me about this new burger he has on the menu. He knows I like a good burger, I suppose.

How right he is.  Continue reading

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