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Find Home Made Butter At Village Baking Company

butterby Steven Doyle

There are a few terrific bakeries around the Dallas area, and one we enjoy for its daily surprises is Village Baking Company. If you travel the various farmers markets around the city you will find their fresh baked goods being offered, or you can go to the source which is hidden at 5531 E University.    Continue reading

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When A Bartender Becomes A Gentleman Farmer

by Steven Doyle

Rocco Milano has pulled a Green Acres on us. Milano is the engaging barmen at Private Social and until recently he lived very close to the Uptown restaurant where he works. Now his commute is a bit longer as he drives in from his 60-acre farm in Valley View just north of Denton.

“Yesterday I spent about 10 hours digging and dropping in a bunch of fruit bearing trees. I have a bunch of berry shrubs I am putting in next. I have this spectacular herb garden. Right now the chocolate mint is flourishing like you can’t imagine,” said Milano, “How cool is that to see these plants grow from a seed and take them to the final product?”               

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