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Date Night In Dallas, Memorable Evenings For $100 Or Less


by Mike Marrero

This week’s date night is on a Thursday, and starts off at Max’s Wine Dive to participate in Battle of the Grapes.  Max’s Wine Dive excels in serving gourmet comfort food paired with your choice of spectacular wines and champagnes from around the world.  If you’re craving “Chicken and Champagne” then you need to visit Max’s.

Executive Chef Patrick Russell prepares unique edibles using fresh, seasonal ingredients. The spread is comprised of two sections: on one side you have traditional Wine Dive Classics, with the other side being creative and seasonal specialties. This gourmet comfort food entices customers with unique flavor pairings that seduce the palate.   Continue reading

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First Look: Barter

barter3by Steven Doyle

The latest restaurant to open in Dallas is Barter located in the space previously held by Private Social. Look for the same ownership, except now they have taken on a partner in chef Tim Love. Love of course is the owner of the wildly successful Lonesome Dove in the Fort Worth Stockyards, as well as Queenie’s Steakhouse, The Woodshed and Love Shack. The menu that Love designed is an eclectic mix that only can be described as New American. That is the lovely term we use when we really cannot define a menu. I suppose there is a slight Asian bent to this menu, with many flavors from the East as in the starter dish, the soft shell crab taco that is adorned with a chili sauce but  garnished with cotija in this fun sort of East Meets West mash up. It is a beautiful dish.

Other notable starts include the poutine that is kicked up with a wild turkey gravy and cheddar curds. Poutine is a dish that is popping up on menus everywhere and seems to be the hot new item. These are definitely addictive and the portion is enormous, so definitely count on sharing.    Continue reading

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Tiffany Derry Celebrates Anniversary Of Private|Social

by Steven Doyle

Tiffany Derry is celebrating her first anniversary with her restaurant Private|Social, and to kick off the festivities she has revamped her Social menu to include shared plates (we love them) which includes  Korean BBQ Short Ribs with Sweet and Spicy Pickled Cucumbers; Shishito Peppers with Korean Spices, and Sesame Seeds; and Lamb Meatballs with Spicy Marinara Sauce, Goat Cheese and Crusty Bread.

“We’ve had a great first year. To mark the occasion, I wanted to shake things up a bit with the Social menu,” says Derry. “I wanted to keep it approachable by offering affordable shared and large plates.”  Continue reading

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When A Bartender Becomes A Gentleman Farmer

by Steven Doyle

Rocco Milano has pulled a Green Acres on us. Milano is the engaging barmen at Private Social and until recently he lived very close to the Uptown restaurant where he works. Now his commute is a bit longer as he drives in from his 60-acre farm in Valley View just north of Denton.

“Yesterday I spent about 10 hours digging and dropping in a bunch of fruit bearing trees. I have a bunch of berry shrubs I am putting in next. I have this spectacular herb garden. Right now the chocolate mint is flourishing like you can’t imagine,” said Milano, “How cool is that to see these plants grow from a seed and take them to the final product?”               

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