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Chef Roe DiLeo Talks About Hell’s Kitchen, How To Grill A Steak, And Where To Find Her Favorite Burger

DSC06051by Steven Doyle

Chef Roe DiLeo has this amazing talent for not only cooking, but making her patrons extremely happy. This is what she is doing as not only the chef at the new Henry’s Majestic in Uptown Dallas, but also as the general manager. This melding of front and back of the house is not entirely common, but DiLeo seems to manage with grace. It is the same grace we witnessed on her recent television gig when she appeared on the current season of Hell’s Kitchen (season 13) where she made it to the top five of all the chefs.

While filming Hell’s Kitchen there was a particular task of making a steak dish, which was judged by Chef Ramsay, along with guests Bruce Simon and Todd Simon, the owners of Omaha Steaks. Each dish would be judged by its appearance, and eaten only if they felt the dish looked favorable. DiLeo’s dish passed the appearance test, and eventually she won the contest with not one, but two steaks she had plated. Never challenge a chef from Dallas when it comes to beef.   Continue reading

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