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Tsunami of Beer Kills Nine

by Steven Doyle

A few years back we discussed the tragic and curious Boston Molasses Flood  that killed 21 and injured over 150, demolishing buildings and drowning livestock, causing millions of dollars in damages. There was another industrial accident that wreaked havoc on a city, killing many and causing damage that is equally as curious.

Like all tragic stories such as these a certain element of hubris rides high, not too unlike the massive container of molasses that exploded in Boston all those years ago, or even the supposedly unsinkable Titanic.    Continue reading

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Meet Architect-Bartender Jonathan Bailey

Jonathanby Steven Doyle

Jonathan Bailey is an award winning architect who builds multi-billion dollar children’s hospitals around the globe. He just acquired another firm overseas and took on 100’s more employees in the buyout. But the man comes from humble beginnings. As a teen Jonathan was one of the foreman at Six Flags and ran the famous flume ride. That was back when there was an evil giant wielding an ax who would nearly slice your log in two as you made the long pass up a ramp before the giant dip into that neon green water waiting below.

Now the world renowned architect is foreman of his own multi-national firm who often takes conference calls with the French government, or a team of designers in Cairo as it was earlier this week. But further into these conversations Jonathan will often cut the conferences short and bow out of the conversation as he did on Wednesday.          Continue reading

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US Olympian Tossed For Positive Drug Test

by Steven Doyle

While many Olympians are enjoying their first taste of the Western world in the Big Mac, others appear to be enjoying more exotic dishes. Nick Delpopolo, judo master and New Jersey martial artist conceded today that he has tested positive for marijuana but insists that he did not smoke the illegal herb.             Continue reading

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PETA: The Breast is the Best

By Steven Doyle

PETA making flavor suggestions again

Call it outrageous, call it chilling, but in London they were calling it a nice afternoon snack. Icecreamists founder Matt O’Connor was selling quite a bit of a frozen oddity, human breast milk ice cream — that is until local authorities seized his stash of “Baby Gaga” which was described Continue reading

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