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Date Night in Dallas: Memorable Evenings for $100 or Less

couple-holding-hands-sitting2by Mike Marrero

This column is intended to provide you with upscale and unique dates that do not break the bank, and prevent date night monotony. This evolving topic will vary weekly to accommodate foodies, drinkers, music lovers, and more. There will also be casual suggestions like dive bars, comedy shows, festivals, picnics, and wine tastings too. This week’s theme is Latin American.   Continue reading


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San Salvaje Is A Devilishly Delicious Journey To South America

dsc01316by Steven Doyle

Dinner with Stephan Pyles is always going to be an adventure, as it was on our most recent visit to the chef’s latest incarnation on Ross Avenue, San Salvaje. Here you will savor flavors from most anywhere south of Harlingen, Texas. This would include Mexico, Central and South America, and a heavy influence from Peru, the true breadbasket of the planet.

Peru has no less than 3,000 varieties of potatoes, 2,000 species of fish, 650 varieties of native fruits. With 7 centuries of history and many influences, Peruvian cuisine is essentially based on Inca tradition tempered by many waves of migration. To mark his menu with dishes he found on a variety of excursions to Peru, chef Pyles has the perfect soundboard for a variety of flavors., and he does them very well.

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Pyles Concept San Salvaje To Open April 28

pylesby Jennifer Thomas

In late 2013, the new owners at 2100 Ross Avenue told Pyles they would be closing Samar – a James Beard Award semi-finalist for Best New Restaurant in America – for extensive remodeling on the building. They offered to completely refresh Samar or finish out an entirely new concept.  Their announcement was on the heels of Pyles’ latest trek to Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador and Peru.  A lover of innovation, he was struck with the idea of San Salvaje, which is Spanish for Wild Saint, and “is a play on Latin America’s long history of blending pagan and catholic beliefs into a cohesive, beautiful dance,” said Pyles.

“I wanted to do a restaurant that represents all of Latin America because of my extensive travels in Mexico, Central and South America.  Mexico, Peru, Argentina and Brazil will be well represented on the menu, but it will also have influences from Cuba and the Caribbean.” Chef Pyles said only half-jokingly that the menu at San Salvaje “will incorporate everything south of Harlingen.”   Continue reading

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