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Tasting Codigo Tequila at Veracruz Cafe

DSC04382by Steven Doyle

Tequila Codigo, launched in late 2016 with the support in the form of country icon George Strait, who is an investor and brand ambassador. Some may think this to be gimmicky, but quite the opposite. Strait has passion for the project, and the tequila is quite remarkable as we found at a tasting recently in Oak Cliff at Veracruz Cafe, which plans a series of tastings and even wine events in coming months charge by a fairly new co-owner, Nico Ponce. You know Ponce for his many years behind the stick in Dallas, and lead of the now famous Margarita Meltdown. Continue reading

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Veracruz Cafe Rescues You From The Dull Enchilada Lunch

by Steven Doyle

Tex Mex be gone.  Dallas has a love affair with oil-puddled enchiladas but there are more than a few truly wonderful restaurants serving hot interior Mexican cuisine. We need to embrace these beautiful restaurants when we find them, and one such restaurant is located in the Bishop Arts District called Veracruz Cafe.     Continue reading

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Bishop Arts Walking Tour This Weekend

With so much history behind it—from Bonnie and Clyde to its one-time status as Dallas’ busiest trolley line—the Bishop Arts District is been begging to be explored.  So the folks behind Dallas Bites! and Dallas by Chocolate decided it was a natural for those who might wish to eat their way around the neighborhood, and learn about its past.  The first Bishop Arts Walking Food & Historical Tour was held on the gorgeous afternoon of September 30, and it did not disappoint.  Tour guide Jeanine Stevens led 16 hungry guests down alleys and over cobblestones to discover the area’s hidden treasures, both gastronomical and cultural.

First stop: Veracruz Café, which describes its menu as Mesoamerican, Mayan, Huateco and Aztec cuisine.  Guests sampled such unusual appetizers as picaditas, a pizza-like arrangement topped with black beans, tomato sauce and fried cheese, and a salsa that featured guajillo chili peppers grilled with cilantro.    Continue reading

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