What’s for Supper, Grandpa?

by Steven Doyle

I am not sure if you have seen any of the old reruns of Hee Haw that will pop up on television on the occasional Saturday afternoon, but there was a segment where a character named Grandpa Jones would rattle off a litany of crazy country cooking  and pronounce it supper. The last few days seems like it has been a similar feeding frenzy. A burger here, a whole fish there, and a few cups of pho to settle it all in for the day.

I thought it might be interesting to show a few photos of what I have had over the past week. If you have some recent food shots you wish to share with the craveDFW audience, feel free to send them our way with a description.  

The Seafood Shack is located just south of Forest Lane on Webbs Chapel in a converted Dairy Queen, and offers a large selection of mariscos: grilled, fried and steamed seafood with a taqueria twist. Available on the menu are also a large assortment of fish tacos and tostados. Monday is ceviche tostada day where you will find them on the cheap at a buck fifty each. All you will need is a few.

While on the Mexian bent, these are some of the most unusual tacos in town. Malai Kitchen offers their Thai Tacos only as a special every few days and they are made with a crispy wonton shell, pulled pork, pickled bean sprouts, minced herbs and chiles. Perhaps we should call them en masse and implore the owners to serve these every day. We have a full report coming up this week on Malai, so keep an eye out for that.

Second Floor  is located on the, well, second floor of the Westin Galleria Hotel and offers this amazing, juicy, chef-driven burger that is not to be missed.

I started a quasi-diet this week and joined a health club (again) but couldn’t begin any regimen without first plowing through the chicken fried steak at Allgood Cafe in Deep Ellum.  We now have a large collection of amazing CFS photos that are suitable for framing. Hit me up.

Any dog at Wild About Harry’s located on Knox near McKinney Avenue  is worth its weight in mystery meat, but the Chi Dog with its spicy pickled sport peppers, dash of celery salt and neon green relish is something pretty special. Oh, they have a nice selection of house-made custards that are not to be missed.

Obzeet is a funky coffee house that makes freshly made sandwiches and has a full selection of pastries available, including this kick ass Red Velvet Cake. Most evenings you can enjoy a cool band and cocktails on their rain forest of a patio that pretty much puts all Dallas patios to shame.

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    Obzeet, a name I haven’t heard in ages. That cake looks amazing.

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