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Limoncello Time

by Steven Doyle

Popular in the citrus-growing regions along Italy’s Amalfi coast for more than a century, the digestif Limoncello makes for the perfect holiday gift. The liqueur is second in popularity only to Campari in Italy, and is a refined and genteel way to end a great meal.

Now is the time to make the elixir.  It is so simple to make, pretty much anyone of drinking age can pull this off.

You will thank us for this.  Best way to say thanks?  A bottle of Limoncello.    Continue reading

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When Manson Meets Absinthe Crazy Things Happen

by Steven Doyle

What do you get when you mix an array of botanicals including wormwood, green anise, and Florence fennel seed, and water from the Alps with a crazed shock rocker like Marilyn Manson?  That’s absinthe, my friend. The green fairy flows from a bottle wrapped in Manson’s own design and manufactured in Switzerland.   Continue reading

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Crave Stuff To Enjoy While Reading Crave

by Steven Doyle

Pegasus News and FW Star Telegram food critic Teresa Gubbins sends us word that there is a new product we might want to investigate. She sent over a link to the Dallas Morning News where they actually reviewed a new breakfast cereal called Krave.

News writer Jeffrey Weiss didn’t care much for the new cereal being test marketed in North Texas, using words like ‘sawdust’ and ‘cold, fibrous mush’ to describe a bowl he prepared for himself. At one point he even threw out the most oft used culinary term ‘Yuck-o’, so we are thinking the near-namesake cold cereal is not going to be high on our shopping list for the craveDFW test kitchens.   Continue reading

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