First Look: Spread Eagle Saloon

by Steven Doyle

I  stopped in the new Spread Eagle Saloon last night after several attempts in the past to try their food. (Note to self: there are only a few items sold on Sunday and Monday when the cook is off. Mostly fried cheese.) At first glance the bar seems a bit sparse in décor, but that is actually a good thing. No odd vintage bicycles or bird cages dangling from the ceiling in a false attempt to give the bar character. This is a neighborhood pub that offers decent beer at a good price and also has a short menu to feed the hungry soul.    

The beer menu is certainly interesting, all in cans which seems to be a trend in bottling these days. Oskar Blues Brewery in Colorado sells only canned beer. I met Marty Jones from Oskar Blues recently and he said that canning was once considered an aberration in the craft beer community, but now beer aficionados lovingly embrace the can.

I also spoke with Maui Brewing company owner Garrett Marrero last year and he had mentioned that he chose cans because it was more earth friendly and it prevents oxidation of the beer, thus a better beer. You can find both Oskar Blues and Maui at this bar.

So Spread Eagle only sells cans of beer and cocktails.

They also have what seems like a good menu.  You will read around town that Scott Romano created the menu and I heard that last night as well.  So I sent a text to Scott while waiting for my burger and he said the rumor was not quite true.  His response in text was “I wrote it [the menu] for my friend Tim Tremoni that was a partner in the bar but is not part of it any more”. Romano went on to say “I just put words onto a piece of paper, it’s not my food”.

Later I spoke to the owner Scott Scripps and he said the food was Romano’s but they didn’t have an agreement to say so. Regardless, they have food and it will ultimately stand on its own.

Scanning the menu I noticed a burger which is loaded for seven bucks. There is also a meatloaf sandwich which looked inviting. Also a scotch egg which is making its happy appearance all over town. Damn, I wish it was Romano’s scotch egg. He made one for me once that had a sous vide poached egg in the center that oozed out yolky life when you cut into it. Genius.

I was really on a mission to try the burger and wasn’t looking for office politics. I also wanted to hear the really good band playing last night. My burger arrived and it looked amazing, and it was really good. It wasn’t crazy good, but it was good. It was downtown seven dollars good if that means anything.

Here’s the skinny on Spread Eagle Saloon: It is a great neighborhood bar with a funny name and they have decent food. What it’s not is a breastaurant. I think that is all just fine with me. This place is a go.


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  1. John

    that looks like one tasty burger

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