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Grab A Program, There Are Chefs On The Move

Jeff_Harrisby Steven Doyle

There are plenty of chef movements about and it is insanely interesting. First, let’s look at the players: Jeff Harris, Andrew Bell, Jeffrey Hobbs and Al Haven. What they have in common is that they are extremely talented Dallas chefs and have recently made a move. I have used the term “chef hoarding” in the past, and this might be the ultimate move in that play.

Let’s look at who is on the move. Jeff Harris is the uber cool chef that made a splash at Craft Dallas then joined as exec chef at Bolsa, replacing Graham Dodds as he made way to Central 214. Harris is now moving on to work for Consilient as chef at new A F+B Fort Worth. Wait, Jeffrey Hobbs had that gig, right? Hobbs has been called up by Neighborhood Services and will now be the chef at the Preston location. You may recall that Dodds recently moved to Consilient and is now at Hibiscus. If this seems confusing, it gets better.     Continue reading

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Happy Hour At Sissy’s Is Southern Fried Fun

by Steven Doyle

Happy hour yesterday was all about Sissy’s Southern Kitchen and Bar as the staff there rolled out their new cocktail menu. Big hits for the night included the Tea Thyme  which is made up of Belvedere Lemon Tea Vodka, Thyme, Lemon Tea Vodka, Lemon and Honey, and the Colonel Sanders which is a healthy dose of Maker’s 46, Benedictine and Orange Bitters.

Tea Thyme is a sweeter concoction, but still a heady cocktail that creeps up on the unsuspecting soul. The Colonel Sanders is plucking good and stops you in your tracks with a smooth finish. The colonel himself would order at least three.           Continue reading


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Chefs At the Dallas Farmers Market

by Steven Doyle            photo by Robert Bostick

One of the best deals in cooking classes comes from the good people at the Dallas Farmers Market who bring us their 2012 chef series featuring some of the best chefs in the Dallas area. Last week food enthusiasts were entertained by chef Jason Weaver of Texas Spice at the new Dallas Omni. You may recall Weaver from his days at the Adolphus French Room.

Coming up this weekend find Tre Wilcox of Marquee Grill fame as he schools his audience on the finer points of Spring cookery.  More than likely he will be bringing his fresh fare from his restaurant which is chockfull of fresh veggies and seafood.     Continue reading

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