Greenville Avenue’s British Invasion

lond2by Nicholas Bostick             photos by Robert Bostick

As far as Dallas-area bars are concerned The Londoner is a decided staple, and with a brand new location on the Lower Greenville strip its legacy is cemented. This past Saturday night the bar was filled with the sound of Beatles cover band A Hard Day’s Night and cheers from spectators watching sports on big screen T.V.’s scattered about the place. Succulent Scottish eggs and other pub fare where delivered by the coconscious staff and bar expected at any of the five locations the Londoner has around Dallas.     

The actual bar has a spacious and intimate feel to it, getting a drink and sitting among the masses feels like meeting new friends. The patio was not unlike your standard Greenville bar save for the heat bearing furnaces and the warmth of British style. People danced and drank as in any good opening but the noticed difference was the seen in the style of the patrons.



An exaggerated British style was seen by a few of those in attendance, however the combination of drink and flowerchild anthems was too much for most to stand still. The spacious bar accepted the swelling crowd; the patio was warm with the chatter of first time visitors on their way to regular attendance and consumption of refreshing cocktails. In all the Londoner Greenville is poised to be a refreshing change to the drab regularity of the bar scene of lower Greenville.  Union Jacks and drinks mingle well amongst Greenville’s hipster vibe and I am sure this new Londoner will become a regular hang out spot for locals and lovers of authentic European hospitality combined.


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