Midnight Ramen Redux At Ten Bells This Saturday

ramen1by Steven Doyle

Ramen is the hot new topic on the lips of local food types. It is the perfect food with house-made noodles, a rich steamy broth, meaty pork belly and hopefully a wonderful poached egg. Just a few weeks back local chef from Lucia, Justin Holt, hosted two nights of ramen at  a few Oak Cliff night spots. I just received a text from the chef saying he is pumped about another night of ramen at Ten Bells Tavern this Saturday night, March 9, 2013.  

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I am totally pumped,” said Holt, “I am going to try to rage out more product so more people can taste… I was disappointed that some did not get to try it.”

Holt will include “noodles that are alkaline made from scratch, and a pork belly that is rolled and cooked sous vide. The egg is similar to an onsen egg.” The Ramen will have pork belly, egg and scallion.

Onsen eggs are poached within the shell but served outside the shell. The yolk is firm, yet creamy. The white is almost custard-like. The egg is typically served in a broth like Holt’s Ramen.

Look for the ramen fun to begin once again at midnight this Saturday for a mere five bucks a bowl.


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  1. piker

    those pics don’t look like Ten Bells but it was fun even without the peewee impersonator!

  2. Yup. The photos were taken at another venue and were pre-Ten Bells.

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