Grab A Program, There Are Chefs On The Move

Jeff_Harrisby Steven Doyle

There are plenty of chef movements about and it is insanely interesting. First, let’s look at the players: Jeff Harris, Andrew Bell, Jeffrey Hobbs and Al Haven. What they have in common is that they are extremely talented Dallas chefs and have recently made a move. I have used the term “chef hoarding” in the past, and this might be the ultimate move in that play.

Let’s look at who is on the move. Jeff Harris is the uber cool chef that made a splash at Craft Dallas then joined as exec chef at Bolsa, replacing Graham Dodds as he made way to Central 214. Harris is now moving on to work for Consilient as chef at new A F+B Fort Worth. Wait, Jeffrey Hobbs had that gig, right? Hobbs has been called up by Neighborhood Services and will now be the chef at the Preston location. You may recall that Dodds recently moved to Consilient and is now at Hibiscus. If this seems confusing, it gets better.    

andrew bellAndrew Bell is now the Executive Chef at Bolsa

Andrew Bell, who has worked at such illustrious restaurants as Uchi in Austin, Parigi, Citizen, Mercury, Nosh Euro Bistro, Aurora and most recently The Mansion on Turtle Creek in Dallas is now the new execuchef at Bolsa. This is a good thing. In addition to that power packed resume love, Bell worked at Bolsa for a brief stint and recently told us that he was eager to get back in the Bolsa kitchen where he respected the concept and group of chefs that takes the whole farm to table to a respectable level.

This leaves us with Hobbs and Haven. Jeffrey Hobbs will now be running the kitchen at the Preston Neighborhood Services, and Al Haven, who was the chef de cuisine for Abraham Salum for so many years at Salum’s namesake restaurant is now the executive chef at the Neighborhood Services at the original location on Lovers Lane. There has also been mention of another Neighborhood Services to open in Addison. Rumor, of course. We are more looking forward to the opening of the next Offsite Kitchen Trinity Groves which is operated by Neighborhood Services owner Nick Badovinus.

This all makes interesting speculation as to what Tristan Simon is up to with all these marvelous chefs. We can’t forget that he also has Michael Ehlert on staff. Ehlert is incredibly talented and is chomping to run his own restaurant. This leaves us to speculate that there will be some wonderful restaurants coming out of both the Consilient camp as well as from Nick Badovinus, both rumored to be working on a whole group of new restaurants.

What a wonderful time we live in as Dallas diners.  More to come I am sure.


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