Fried Food Glory at Texas State Fair

by Steven Doyle

Our time at the Texas State Fair has been filled with laughter, music, beer and food. Plenty of food as a matter of fact. How the State Fair became synonymous with all things on a stick and fried is stuff of legend, but the holy grail of all things fried is undoubtedly the corn dog.        









There was a US patent filed in 1927, granted in 1929, for a Combined Dipping, Cooking, and Article Holding Apparatus, describes corn dogs, among other fried food impaled on a stick. The patent described wieners when on sticks and dipped in batter then deep fried in a vegetable oil resulted in a wholesome and tasty refreshment.

Carl and Neil Fletcher lay claim to the corn dog at the Texas State Fair sometime between 1938 and 1942, making the most popular fair treat that we crave today.

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