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Fried Food Glory at Texas State Fair

by Steven Doyle

Our time at the Texas State Fair has been filled with laughter, music, beer and food. Plenty of food as a matter of fact. How the State Fair became synonymous with all things on a stick and fried is stuff of legend, but the holy grail of all things fried is undoubtedly the corn dog.         Continue reading

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Brass Knuckle Corn Dog Beat Down At Libertine

by Steven Doyle

There were many celebrations in the past few days as we observed Independence Day around the DFW area. One of our favorite traditions for the past few years has been the corn dog ballyhoo at the Libertine Bar on lowest Greenville Avenue in Dallas. The celebration has since been renamed the Brass Knuckle Corn Dog Beat Down and offers a trophy and $100 for anyone that can stuff the most corn dogs down their gullet in a short 15 minute time frame.              Continue reading

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Greenville Ave St Pat’s Parade Highlights

by Steven Doyle

Another legendary St Patrick’s Day weekend come and gone with out too many bumps or bruises. We had ace photographer Nick Bostick on the scene all day with a mission to grab some good action shots. While Nick was on the parade I finished up the day by checking out the street party on lower Greenville and set up camp at The Grape where owners Courtney and Brian Luscher were selling corny dogs and corned beef sliders to a famished crowd.               Continue reading

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2012 Dive Bar Tour Rolls Through Dallas

by Steven Doyle     photos by Robert Bostick 

Planning the latest Dallas Bus Tour was a blast. Previous editions included tours that explored Tacos, Pizza, Burgers, and even vegan food in Dallas. The trick behind a successful tour I am finding is not to over think the process. Load up 25 adults onto a bus full of beer, wine and cocktails and point them in any direction and they will have fun.

Such is the case for the latest tour which explored dive bars of Dallas. Now here might be the rub for some, what exactly is a dive bar? I have my definition, you have yours. However, for the first tour exploring almost only alcohol I wanted to play it safe. No stabbings, no arrests, no crying.            Continue reading

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Congress and the Pizza Fracas

by Steven Doyle

The Ketchup Advisory Board must have been working overtime during the Reagan administration when United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) pronounced ketchup a vegetable despite its saturation of high-fructose corn syrup. The proclamation was a victory for children everywhere, but the reality was much more dismal than the late night television poke for the obvious irony.

In 1982 Reagan was looking to cut billions from the budget, including a $27 billion slash in entitlement programs. A billion of those dollars that came from the school lunch program after it was crippled by allowing the condiment to water down the nation’s children’s health and nutrition.     Continue reading


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Last Week For a Fletcher’s Corny Dog!

by Steven Doyle

As the Texas State Fair continues in its final full week we felt it time to actually try a few Fair staples and venture out onto the Midway with a loosened belt. No visit to the Fair is complete without a visit to Fletcher’s Corny Dogs. We searched around for Gregory True, the manager of the large Fletcher stand that sits perched next to Big Tex, but we were told the 18 year veteran of the Fair was hospitalized and missed the Fair this year.     Continue reading


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We Have a Craving for Cars

by Bryan Coonrod

I for one love classic cars, so while strolling through the state fair automotive building I notice a wing of a Plymouth Road Runner Super Bird sticking above the rest of the new cars displayed. As I get closer a 1968 Lamborghini Miura grabs my attention with its pistachio color gleaming under the lights.

My curiosity begins to wonder why they are at the fair and I find out these cars are part of the Texas Museum of Automotive History opening to the public Nov 15th after the fair ends and boasting a display of cars worth $30 million it is truly a car lovers paradise. TMAH’s goal is to be one of the top 10 museums in the world.           Continue reading

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