Eight Classic Dallas Desserts You Must Try Now

IMG_5924by Steven Doyle

There are few things as satisfying as the sweet grand finale presented at the end of a beautiful meal, and Dallas has a few standards that should not be missed. Consider these sweets a bucket list situation that could be accomplished in one evening if you have a wolf pack of friends willing to pitch in with the heavy lifting of forks and spoons.  


Celebrating 32 years in continuous business Parigi celebrates daily with its ever changing menu, save the standards that regulars cannot live without. The Chocolate Glob is a standard that has graced the menu since the restaurant’s inception and guests look forward to the warm gooey rich and chocolaty bite  with a slight crispiness that screams satisfaction.


The word legendary should hardly be bandied about when discussing desserts, but that is a moniker earned when discussing Stephan Pyles’ Heaven and Hell Cake now served at his Texas-themed restaurant, Stampede 66.  Pyles’s lays on rich measures of angel food and devil’s food cake, peanut butter mousse, and milk chocolate ganache to create this over-the-top finale.


Fearing’s pastry chef Jill Bates once told us that chef Dean Fearing would always have a few standards on the menu at his restaurant. One is banana pudding, the other is fried pies. Look for a variation on the theme when ordering. The current fried pies are cranberry filled and are nestled with a pumpkin slab for this beautiful send up to the great Southern classic. Jill’s cheese selections are also a must.


Perry’s Steakhouse and Grille is as Texas as you might get, and this send up to bread pudding is as classic to the restaurant as it gets. The Rocky Road Bread Pudding with its massive brûléed marshmallow is as fun to eat as it is to order.


Typically when we go to a restaurant we expect the service to include actually cooking the food, but at Tillman’s Roadhouse in Bishop Arts we have fun playing with our food. With this unique throwback  to cool Fall campouts, you will enjoy the process as much as noshing on this classic tableside s’mores treat.


Not uno, not dos, not even tres leches make this dessert standard so delicious. Try the Cuatro Leches cake at La Duni to savor what the locals have known for years as one of the best cakes in Dallas. Consider this layered Mantecado vanilla sponge cake, soaked in Cuatro Leches sauce, topped with caramelized Swiss meringue and dotted with Arequipe reduction. Sold by the slice or whole to go.


We have extolled the virtues of this pie many times in the past, and it simply never gets old. The Mescal Key Lime Pie at Smoke shall never leave the menu  – by proclamation . Well, at least we hope it stays in perpetuity.  This pie is simply that good.


Not a visit to Lavendou in Far North Dallas would be complete with the pate terrine. Wait, no, the tournedos. Or was it the escargot or onion soup? Regardless, you must finish with a souffle. There are several to choose from but the chocolate is de rigueur.

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