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mud1by Nafeisa Shukair-Farley

Looking for a good, healthy choice for farm to table restaurant that is also fun and reminds you of family?  Dallas has its own gem, Mudhen Meats and Greens in the Farmers Market.  

When you walk up to the restaurant, the view through the picture windows of diners eating and smiling at tables that are set as if we are at home gives you a feeling of comfort and joy.   All that was needed is front on the windows it would have been a Norman Rockwall painting.  We could not wait to get inside. 


Looking over the menu there were so many options and although Mudhen is not a “health food” restaurant, there are so many choices for those who want to eat healthy.  The menu has everything from soups, salads to entrees and desserts.  There is something for everyone so you don’t have to hear “there is nothing to eat” from your group.

One of the best features of the restaurant is the big chalkboard listing all the veggies offered by Mudhen with a checkmark for the ones available and a “V” for our vegetarian options.  For this non-pork eater, the board was a God-send as I could pick my choices without having to question if the veggies were cooked in meat.  

It should be pointed out that the majority of meats and veggies come from Texas farmers which is a plus as we need to support our local businesses.




Let’s talk apps.  We had the Dip Duo, Mudhen Spring Rolls and Brussel Sprout Leaves.  The Dip Duo was amazingly smooth and creamy with a kick, the Spring Rolls tahini-miso vinaigrette took the rolls to a whole new level, but the Brussel Sprout Leaves were beyond any comprehension of perfection.  The leaves, cooked in rice oil were crunchy yet melted in our mouths.  Let’s just say if I was not able to get the last bite, there would have been a fight in the restaurant.

For dinner, we tried out the B.Y.O.B (Build Your Own Bowl) picking the beef & bison meatloaf, sweet potato mash and collard greens (cooked in pork so hubby had to take one for the team).  The meatloaf was so moist and full of flavor and the sweet potato mash was a fluffy cloud of sweetness – it was so fluffy I swear they aired it up before serving.  The B.Y.O.B. option is great for those who want to try different combos or for those who want control over their own meals.  

Our server recommended the Jr’s Rotisserie Chicken with sweet potato mash and green beans and we were not disappointed.  The chicken was moist like butter and complemented the crispiness of the fresh green beans.  All was served on a bed of sweet potato mash – this diner was very happy.


Now, on to the most important part of the meal, dessert!  If you want to feel your Grandma’s love, order the Pear Cranberry Betty.  Eating a bite of the tart pears mixed with the home-made maple frozen yogurt and the almond pepita streusel was heavenly.  But, to be honest, I am a brown sugar-cinnamon with butter streusel lover so eating the almond pepita streusel was a change for me yet enjoyable.  

We also ordered the Chocovocado Mousse which was decadent and creamy.  The mousse has dark chocolate, avocado, Texas honey and macadamia nut oil.  This is not your Grandmother’s chocolate mousse as the avocado and macadamia oil adds a different texture and taste but oh-so-good.

If you are in the mood for a farm-to-table dining that fills not only your tummy but your soul while making you think of Grandma, Mudhen Meats and Greens is just the right place to go.

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