First Look: Sumo Shack

IMG_7822by Steven Doyle

Sumo Shack opened this past weekend and we checked in to see (and taste) what all the murmuring was about. This is the more casual sister restaurant to Wabi House on Greenville Avenue. Sumo Shack is further north on SMU Blvd and Greenville at 5629 SMU Blvd. 


The brightly decorated fast casual restaurant has you order your food and drinks at their service counter where you may watch your lunch or dinner being created. Choose from a nice list of appetizer items such as Takoyaki, small bite octopus fritters that will make you smile. Try the Katsu Corn Dogs which are made of housemade  Kurobuta sausage that are then given the corn dog treatment and served with several dipping sauces.

We enjoyed an assortment of Baos that included The Angry Bird (Sumo Hot Fried Chicken), Crispy Fish, A Philly Steak bao, and a few tasty vegetarian versions such as the tofu and a shiitake mushroom. The buns are made on premise, a rare feat these days when many restaurants use a fair frozen version. Bao are labor intensive but so worth the effort when made properly. Bao are a nicely sweet and fluffy vessel made from rice flour for all these fun flavors that Sumo Shack offers.



Sumo offers two broths for their ramen, one is chicken based , the other chicken and pork. Both are loaded with plenty of flavor and interesting add-ons making for a slurpy good meal.

Sumo’s bar includes fun drinks such as Sake-Ritas, and plenty of beer, sake and wine. The little sake juice boxes are cute and a fun way to get your buzz on.

The hours are from 11am to 10pm every day except Friday and Saturday when they are actually open until 4am.

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