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First Look: Kome Sushi and Handroll Bar

photos and text by Joey Stewart

Kome, a new sushi and handroll bar has opened in the space previously occupied by Sushi De Handroll at The Hill in Dallas. Kome is located at 8041 Walnut Hill Ln St 820 in Dallas.

The owner is Roy Ahn, who opened several Japanese spots over the years in the DFW area, such as Sushi Zen in Southlake and Zena Sushi in Coppell. During a two-year hiatus, he dove into construction and even donuts, but now he is back in action with the help of his close friend Sean Kim.

Let’s take a look at some dishes we sampled recently.

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Sushi Marquee Attempts World Sake Bomb Record… Again

Sake bomb.jpg

Last year, Sushi Marquee set the World Record for “largest group sake bomb” at 240 simultaneous sake bombs. Some say that records were made to be broken… but Sushi Marquee’s was broken by a restaurant in Florida. And that cannot stand. So, on April 14, Sushi Marquee is out to reclaim its title—and this time, they’re hoping for 500 participants. Continue reading

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First Look: Sumo Shack

IMG_7822by Steven Doyle

Sumo Shack opened this past weekend and we checked in to see (and taste) what all the murmuring was about. This is the more casual sister restaurant to Wabi House on Greenville Avenue. Sumo Shack is further north on SMU Blvd and Greenville at 5629 SMU Blvd.  Continue reading

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Two Great Chefs Join Forces Again For a Superb Valentine’s Dinner Event

wide-interiorby Joey Stewart

Chef David Uygur of Lucia and Yutaka Yamato of Yutaka combined their many talents on Sunday evening for the second Valentine’s dinner in as many years. The previous event took place at Lucia, so this time it was Yutaka’s turn. When asked about the inception of the event, Uygur said “We both love dining at each others’ restaurants, so it makes perfect sense”. Justin Holt of Lucia also took place in the creation and execution of the dishes.

The six-course menu was paired with wine and sake and featured a sorbet course served on an illuminated ice block while all the lights in the restaurant were turned off.
We hope this becomes a tradition for years to come.   Continue reading

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David Uygur and Yutaka Yamato Collaborating


by Steven Doyle   photo by Joey Stewert

If you have stopped by Yutaka in Uptown Dallas on an off day there is a large chance you might find Jennifer and David Uygur, owners of Lucia located in Bishop Arts. We are told that the chef has even contributed to the menu which makes perfect sense when we found out that he will soon be doing a collaborative dinner soon.   Continue reading

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Blue Fish Satisfies Sushi Craving On A Budget

Tuna Sashimi 5$by Joey Stewart   photos by Joey Stewart

I’m an addict.  A sushi addict, that is.  And for those of us who can’t stay away from those raw delectables, it can be rough on the pocketbook to dine at our favorites each time we feel the need for seaweed.

A few weeks ago I grabbed a pre-concert stool at the bar at The Blue Fish and discovered their daily happy hour, which fulfilled the craving, as well as cut my bill by a third. And while it will never take the place of Tei Tei, Teppo, or Yutaka (insert your favorite here), it’s a solid choice for good quality on a budget.           Continue reading


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