We Have Photos of Dallas Fish Market’s Feast of the Seven Fishes – Joy!

Photo one Chefby Steven Doyle  photos by Joey Stewart

We told you about chef Richard Triptow’s Feast of the Seven Fishes event he is hosting each night at Dallas Fish Market. This is a totally unique take on the event which would normally be a more Christmas Eve event. We expounded on the Seven Fishes here on Crave, go check this out

We were so excited to see what Chef Triptow had planned for his guests that we sent our seafood expert and photographer to Dallas Fish Market to take it all in. Our feedback from Joey Stewart was that it was breathtaking. Remember, Joey is president of the local International Wine and Food Society, and his father actually was the first American president. To say that he knows his food and wine is an understatement.

Check out Joey’s photos from the special dinner that you may still enjoy until December 23rd. The dinner is prepared for you whenever you have reservations, so make plans for this beautiful evening that you will most assuredly want to share with your family and friends.

Not pictured is the She-Crab soup that is sherry spiked creamy crab base with shaved bottarga and French bread.

image1 (2)

PLANCHA SWORDFISH mission fig purée, port beurre rouge, fig and tomato compote

image2 (2)

OYSTER AND SALMON ROE katsuobushi oil

image3 (1)

PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND MUSSELS cucumber- parmesan broth, grilled seaweed bread


LOBSTER & SHRIMP SALAD green apple sorbet, serrano, pickled hon-shimeji mushroom



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