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Stone Crab Season is on at Truluck’s

Trulucks Stone Crab Clawsby Steven Doyle

One of our very favorite restaurants in Dallas is Truluck’s. This is the place known for pretty awesome steaks, but especially their stone crab. For those unfamiliar, stone crab is this beautiful claw which can be quite large, massive actually. The meat is quite dense and sweet and best served cold with a dab of a special mustard sauce. 

Truluck’s is so committed to fresh Florida Stone Crab, they work exclusively with their fisheries and dedicated crabbing professionals in South Florida. Each day, the boats go out into the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico, set their traps, and capture the crab. They then cook the crab, pack them in ice, and jet-fresh deliver them from Truluck’s traps to your table in hours. Truluck’s will never serve frozen Florida Stone Crab and is only offered at the height of freshness during season.  Florida Stone Crab season runs October 17, 2020 and goes through May 2, 2021.

Crab Cake

Miso Galzed Sea Bass

Sauteed Mussels

Carrot Cake

Chocolate Malt

If you needed another reason to enjoy Truluck’s be prepared to share some of the largest slices of cake in Dallas. Choose the chocolate malt or carrot cake.

Locations in Uptown Dallas and Southlake.

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