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A Guide To Dallas Mole Sauce

by Steven Doyle

Today we have our taste buds set for mole. Mole is that earthy, slightly sweet deep brown sauce from Mexico that enriches any dish that it is served with. There are several decent examples of mole in Dallas, and we set out to sample a few plates.

Mole originated in Mexico, but that is about all some will agree on. The exact origin was perhaps Puebla, Oaxaca, but other states are known for their delicious moles with chile peppers as the common ingredient. The classic moles of central Mexico and Oaxaca, such as mole poblano and mole negro typically include ancho, pasilla and chipotle peppers.     Continue reading


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Mesa Veracruz Has New Fall Menu

by Steven Doyle

Raul and Olga Reyes have been on the Dallas restaurant scene for some time now. First the coupled opened La Palapa Veracruzana which shuttered in 2009, then more recently with one of the finest interior Mexican restaurants in Dallas, Mesa Veracruz Coastal Cuisine. Natives of Veracruz, Mexico, the couple stay true to their craft, enhancing the menu to reflect the seasons and the taste from their roots. The menu was just recently updated and we were invited to sample some of the new cuisine.

You may still enjoy the classics such as Mesa’s ceviche, which is made sweet with a slight tomatoey goodness and the addition of ripe avocados and fresh cut cilantro that reminds me of my first vacation in Mexico. Or the classic Enmoladas which is made with house-made mole which takes a full day to create and well over 20 ingredients. The family has mad skills.   Continue reading

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Houston’s Mambo Seafood Opening On NW Hwy In Dallas

by Steven Doyle

Mambo Seafood  is well known in the Houston area, opening its first restaurant in the 1990’s. Their focus has been to operate in predominately Hispanic neighborhoods and offer fresh seafood selection with a Latin flare. The restaurant is now moving into the Dallas area on Northwest Highway near I35 in the old Nori Sushi location across from Pappas BBQ.  The restaurant has a casual feel with a jukebox that primarily serves up fresh Nortena tunes. The restaurant is known for their cold Mambo Cheladas and inexpensive raw oysters. Look for the restaurant to open soon. They are hiring all positions.


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Home-Made Tamales for Christmas

by Steven Doyle    photos by Robert Bostick

In the past weeks leading up to Christmas we have been visiting various tamale makers in the Dallas area including La Popular and Abraham Salum at Komali where we got a primer in the art of tamales. This week we visited a very special woman who lives in the Oak Cliff area very near her son, co-owner of Coevál Studio and the new restaurant Campo Modern Country Bistro, John Paul Valverde.

We had asked John Paul if he had any leads on a good tamale maker and he sat back for a moment then smiled, “my mother makes the best tamales.”      Continue reading


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Sunday Brunch: Komali

by Joy Jangles

Back when I lived in Tucson, I fell in love with the authentic Mexican cuisine over there – house made tangy and spicy tomatillo salsas, tortillas made from scratch, and the day-long simmered sauces.  You can literally taste the love in native Mexican dishes, what better way to feel at home than eating food that’s made from the heart?    Continue reading


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Cinco de Mayo Party Planner

by Crave Staff

We were just reminded that Cinco de Mayo is just days away and we haven’t prepared any piñatas of our favorite food critics, but we do know of a few cool places to celebrate.  If we think of any more we will add to the list later in the week.  Continue reading

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