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Award-winning Texas Cheese at Celebration

by Dan Hogan

How could fine cheese, wine, and bread be any better?  If they are award-winning Texas cheeses, artisan bread and fine wine provided free at Dallas’ Celebration Restaurant, they can!  Several Texas cheese makers competed at the American Cheese Society’s August 2011 conference and brought home well-deserved awards.  Mozzarella Company’s Paula Lambert hosted the Dallas event to showcase the Texas ACS champion cheeses on Thursday, October 27.     Continue reading


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Ali’s Cheese Pick of the Week

by Ali Morgan

We have enjoyed working with Ali Morgan from Scardello so much in the past as she helps us with cheese, and even beer selections, that we have asked her to to write a weekly column on both beer and cheese.  I think you will enjoy her picks.  We hope she is able to write a weekly column, but the spunky girl stays hopping busy so forgive her if she misses a few deadlines.

The first cheese I want to showcase is one of my favorites, Tea Hive by Pat Ford from the Beehive Cheese Company out of Utah. I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to hang out with Pat several times since I first dove into the cheese world in 2009, and let me tell you, he is just as brilliant as his cheese is! Pat has several award winning cheeses, including Barely Buzzed, Full Moon, Promontory, Sea Hive, and our featured cheese, Tea Hive.    Continue reading


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Food Photo Of The Week

Cheese, photo by Robert Bostick

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Cheesemonger Chat with Ali Morgan: Spreading the Curd

by Steven Doyle

We might justly be accused of having our favorite people in Dallas that regardless of what sort of spirits we might be in, they always manage to make us smile. Ali Morgan from Scardello is just such a person. We caught up with Ali for a late night beer and she was pleased to grant a short interview.

We wanted to chat with Ali not only about cheese, but another obsession of hers — beer. When she discusses either topic her face lights up with excitement, and offers a bit of a giggle. We also wanted to chat with her about her ink obsession on the heels of her latest tat session which we sat in on.   Continue reading


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Scardello Dinner Hints at Campo Menu

by Steven Doyle

Last night Rich Rogers, cheesemonger and owner of Scardello, rolled out the red carpet and polished the house silver as he hosted his first guest-chef dinner at the cheese boutique. Rogers says that he will be doing these special dinners every few months and spotlight a popular area chef to pair cheeses with their particular style of cooking.

Last night’s dinner sold out in mere minutes after Rogers sent out the information to his customers via the store’s email list. Scardello hosts many events through out the year, including chocolate and cheese pairings, cheese classes and other food-tainment themed evenings at the Oak Lawn shop.     Continue reading


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Texas Bloombonnet

by Lance Lynn

Last month I introduced you to Eric and Karen from Caprino Royale down in Waco, one of the most promising young farmstead operations in the state. Last weekend, we got to visit their farm as part of our annual cheese tour (see Steven’s article for a complete roundup of the day). One of the highlights of the trip for me was getting to see where they make Caprino’s fantastic new addition to their lineup: the Texas Bloombonnet. A beautiful bloomy rind goat button, Bloombonnet is easily enjoyable all on its own, but the cheese is all the more impressive when you know some background about the difficult and inspired path that led to its creation.  Continue reading

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