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Who Moved My Cheese?

salersby Rich Rogers

Rich from Scardello, our city’s resident caseophile,  sends word that his cheese has been highjacked. Listen in on his tale of woe and console him by checking out a few cheeses that made it to the shop on Oak Lawn in Dallas.

The Salers cow in the picture is not happy with the FDA, and neither am I. Is it bad to say that about a department of your government? If it is I don’t care. They have my cheese and they aren’t going to let it go. They’re only doing it to protect us, but lately they have been overly protective. Queso in point – my cheese.

The best thing I tasted at the winter Fancy Food Show was a piece of Rodolphe’s Salers. This incredible hard cow’s milk cheese was so packed with complexity and incredible flavor. (His 3 year old Mimolette was not far behind in the amazing category.) I liked the Salers so much I ordered a 50 pound wheel and didn’t ask how much it was going to cost. I didn’t care what it cost, it was THAT good!   Continue reading


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Scardello Sources Local Charcuterie

by Steven Doyle

We often reel about the charcuterie program at The Grape and for good reason. Brian Luscher is a mad man and has an insane meat program going on at his Greenville Avenue restaurant. Today we heard about a new program at Scardello and it smacks of Luscher’s DNA. We just got off the phone with one of Scardello’s cheesemongers, Ali Morgan, and she gave us the skinny on the new charcuterie being offered at the cheese shop on Oak Lawn.

“We have been wanting to offer charcuterie for some time. We have a few nice things currently like a Prosciutto di Parma, but we wanted much more. I spoke with Brian and he had me stop in for this whole charcuterie lesson,” said Morgan.          Continue reading

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Scardello Dinner Hints at Campo Menu

by Steven Doyle

Last night Rich Rogers, cheesemonger and owner of Scardello, rolled out the red carpet and polished the house silver as he hosted his first guest-chef dinner at the cheese boutique. Rogers says that he will be doing these special dinners every few months and spotlight a popular area chef to pair cheeses with their particular style of cooking.

Last night’s dinner sold out in mere minutes after Rogers sent out the information to his customers via the store’s email list. Scardello hosts many events through out the year, including chocolate and cheese pairings, cheese classes and other food-tainment themed evenings at the Oak Lawn shop.     Continue reading


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Conundrum Project: Harbinson

By Rich Rogers

“Do you want to participate in the Conundrum Project?” I usually say no to “a difficult problem or question.” As a small retailer, we have loads of Conundrums of our own. But this is a cheese problem and I couldn’t say no.

Jasper Hill Farms, a great Vermont cheesemaker, built the Cellars at Jasper Hill several years ago. The 22,000 square foot Cellars is the premiere aging facility in the United States. While many US cheesemakers practice the art of affinage, or cheese aging, themselves, much of Europe’s cheese production is split into 3 tiers – Milk production/animal husbandry, cheesemaking, and affinage (aging). The difficult task of cheesemaking is part science and part art. Aging cheeses also requires another skill set. Jasper Hill built the Cellars as a way to not only age their own cheeses, but to help a host of Vermont Dairy folk to take their unsustainable milk dairy and to help them become sustainable cheesemakers. By dropping their young cheeses off at the Cellars at Jasper Hill to be aged and distributed, these new cheesemakers can focus on just the cheesemaking aspect. Continue reading

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A Week of Cravings

by Steven Doyle

Another week of Crave is passing us by bringing a fun look at what Dallas and Fort Worth has to offer up in nightlife and the dining scene. Continue reading

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The Cheese Course – Rush Creek Reserve

By Rich Rogers

Have you ever tasted a cheese that was simply an oozy, delicious mess? Recently I found myself looking at the last few wheels of this year’s best new cheese, Rush Creek Reserve. Continue reading

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