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Jeng Chi Is A Sichuan Delight With Amazing Dumplings

jeng4by Steven Doyle

The crowned jewel of Richardson’s Little China Town is none other than Jeng Chi, with their masterful Sichuan dishes, dim sum and the beloved xiaolongbao, or soup dumplings. Jeng Chi calls the latter “juicy dumplings”, but however you bite into them, they are masterful.

Opened 30 years ago by master chef Yuan Teng, the restaurant is now mostly operated by his son Francisco and daughter-in-law Janelle who has taken a small restaurant to their current digs just a few doors down to its current glorious 8,000 square feet.  Continue reading

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How to Avoid Orange Chicken and Take Baby Steps Towards Ordering Well at Chinese Restaurants (Novice)

You might find yourself at a Chinese-style restaurant and feel compelled to get the same menu items that you are accustomed to and feel safe ordering. General Tso and Orange Chicken will not feed your inner gourmet, and that is why we have a few safe suggestions that will please your palate and make you feel better about yourself.

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Five Chinese Dishes You Will Not Find In China

chinese_newyearby Steven Doyle

We must be amusing ourselves when we order Chinese cuisine at restaurants that we seriously know are not serving anything close to what the Chinese might actually eat. There are restaurants that serve Chinese food that the Chinese consider indigenous, and we report on those often, but let’s take a look at dishes that the Chinese possibly never even heard of in their country.  Continue reading

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Wok Star Chinese Debuts with Celebrated Chef

By Joey Stewart      Pictures by Joey Stewart

Wok Star Chinese, the new spot that took over the former Nazca Kitchen space at The Hill, is now open for dine-in, delivery and take-out. The menu is mainly authentic Chinese and was created by Chinese chefs, not the owners, who are American. Running the kitchen is local famed chef Charlie Zhang, who previously dazzled diners with his amazing hand pulled noddle skills at Royal China and Imperial Noodle.

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A Visit To Chinese Restaurants in China

by Sachin Ghare

Several years ago we invited a friend of craveDFW  who lives in India to share some thoughts on Indian food culture. Recently Sachin Ghare shared the fact that he spends time working in China and we asked him to give us insight on dining in China. Sachin explains in general terms his thoughts on the over all dining scene in China. He is currently preparing another version that details some of his favorites restaurants and dishes.

I’m a regular visitor of China and Hong Kong. I have composed the following guide for Chinese dining based upon my personal experiences.  As a tourist in China, you will find a diverse selection of foods that vary greatly from region to region. Chinese cuisine needs no introduction, having been successfully exported to every country in the western world and maintaining a reputation as one of the favorite foods to enjoy either while dining out or as a take-away.

Beijing is typical of capital cities in that it is home to a vast selection of eateries offering some of the finest food in the country. Whereas Shenzhen, Shanghai, Chengdu and other western culture following cities have a bit of a different story.          Continue reading

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