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Food Truck Of the Week: Bento Box

bento1by Steven Doyle

I ran across a newish food truck this week, Bento Box. They are primarily a Fort Worth truck, but I found them in Dallas for a special event. The thought of sushi in a food truck, which in the summer can exceed 110 degrees, was at first disarming. When I spoke to the owners, chef Scott Kaiser and his lovely bride Brandi, those thoughts of odd fish quickly went away. Using the term chef generally does not apply to most food truck operators, but in this case it is not only well deserved, it is accurate.


The couple actually have a storied restaurant career and met while both were working at the Cafe Modern located in the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. Scott was cheffing while Brandi worked the front of the house. Continue reading


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DAT Does FW Food Truck Party Tonight

by Steven Doyle

Chef DAT is taking on the food truck industry face on. I got a call from Temple last evening and he was excited to talk about his latest under/over ground dinner which will be located in Fort Worth’s Food truck park located at 2509 Weisenberger. On hand there will be live entertainment by Fort Worth-based Telegraph Canyon’s Chris Johnson and cocktails by The Usual’s owner Brad Hensarling.         Continue reading

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