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Cheers: The Proper Daiquiri

Daiquiris are not hard to make well, provided you can adhere to a couple easy-to-follow rules. That’s why they’re so useful for diagnosing the state of a bar’s cocktail-making ability—there’s nowhere to hide. If you’re using bad rum, or if your juice isn’t fresh, or if you lack the precision to get the ratios right, or if you don’t shake hard and long enough… the cocktail knows, and it can’t keep a secret.

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A Lesson in How to Make Bitters

by Maryse Chevriere

You almost hate to hear it: Making your own bitters at home? Yeah, it’s actually not that difficult.

Because there’s no excuse now — and you start to think, how could I not have been doing this all along? Ideas for black cherry-ginger, or coffee bean-cocoa nib bitters rush in.

If you’re tapped in to the cocktail zeitgeist, odds are you already have bitters on the brain. (If you’re not, here’s what you need to know: Classic cocktails? Having a major moment. House-made ingredients? Huge. Bitters? Über retro-chic.) So you can imagine the on-trend factor of house-made bitters, and the cocktails made with them.   Continue reading

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